DermaTend® Natural Mole Remover Does It Really Work?

Natural mole removal is fairly new.  Which doesn’t make much sense to me because the herbs used in most formulas have been around for centuries and used by various groups of people.  The fact that it is not known is a mystery to me, but I hope one day every knows that natural mole removal is safe effective and by far your best alternative for mole removal.

No matter what the formula most remedies work on the same principles.  The herbal ingredients penetrate the mole causing a reaction in which your bodies own immune system will be alerted.  Generally it will cause inflammation in the area and the mole will turn into a scab.  You must allow the scab to heal and fall off on its own.  The skin underneath may be pink but will darken in time, with no sign there was ever a mole at all.


To know its working, when you put the remedy on the mole you should feel a stinging sensation.  This should last for 10 minutes or so, but is not too painful or unbearable.  This stinging is very important as you know the remedy is penetrating the mole.  Once this happens a scab typically forms in 24 hours.  If not you must repeat the process until one does.  Results vary but 3 applications is average for moles.


When the scab forms it usually take around 10 to 14 days for the scab to fully heal and come off.  After this the pink skin that may be underneath will take about a month or so to darken and fade.  This means in total you have about a month and a half to be mole free.  This compared to surgery which you will be left a very large noticeable scar is a no brainier.  Natural mole removal is the way to go.


The cost is another upside.  Natural remedies are always cheaper then conventional medical methods.  Prices vary from formula to formula but can cost between $30 and $100.  Be careful when purchasing and make sure you know how many moles can be removed with what you are buying.  One product sells for $79.95 and only removes ONE mole.  DermaTend’s large sells for only $69.95 but has been shown to remove 15 moles.  This means you are only paying $5 a mole.  The value is unbeatable you simply can’t find it anywhere else.


Be sure to always have your moles checked out before trying to remove them naturally.  It is very important you take appropriate steps if you have a malignant mole.  If not malignant, by all means try a natural remedy first, before having your doctor cut it out.  The results speak for themselves, and don’t accept anything less.  Be sure the remedy you choose comes with a money back guarantee.  Dermatend offers an unprecedented 60 Day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.


Here’s What You Can Expect With DermaTend®

Day 1-3
After applying DermaTend® to the mole a scab should form in its place.  This can happen overnight with just one application but results will vary.

Day 3-10
Scab should begin to heal and dry up and will fall off.  Make sure to take care of the scab as removing it prematurely can increase total healing time.

Day 10+
The mole and scab should be gone leaving you with fresh new healthy skin and eventually no trace a mole ever existed! / 775-323-1413

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Your Moles Will Disappear or YOU Don’t Pay!

If you have read this far, then your moles are more than just a vanity problem, and they probably effect who you are and how you carry yourself. Moles are rooted in your body as well as your mind. You deserve the safest, most effective mole removal method available.

As your moles disappear, they will take with them all the psychological and emotional damage they have caused. No one can truly convince you how incredible that feeling is, you can only experience it yourself. Please don’t hesitate, we have taken all the risk. Take this opportunity to make a change in your life and you will gain more than just beautiful skin.

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